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From an Andrea Elegir idea, Vinooxygen® was born like a winemaker that allows you to accomplish all stages of winemaking without racking off the wine.

With this system oxidation of wines is reduced, allowing to bottle the wine with a reduced sulfites content and with a much higher aroma content, than a traditional winemaking.

Attention to the environment is not secondary, in fact, thanks to Vinooxygen®, usage of water and detergents is reduced up to 80%.

Producing with Vinooxygen® makes the difference.

Several wineries have already chosen Vinooxygen® to produce their most valuable wines, such as Timorasso, Piedmont DOC Sauvignon Blanc, Verdicchio DOC, and not last in order of importance, our Ellipsis, our dry Moscato.
Azienda Vitivinicola Borgo Moncalvo di Pierluigi Elegir
Reg. Moncalvo 2 - 14051 Loazzolo (AT)
P.IVA. - 01169050059 C.F.-LGRPLG53S01E633W
Iscrizione REA - AT83602

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